Law firms, sports teams, government agencies, real estate firms, bio tech companies, and many others turn to KK Promotions for unique products that command attention. Here are just a few examples. What can we do for you?


For a high-end retail client, KK Promotions identified the company's branded color as the key ingredient for any and all logo products, from pencils and water bottles to umbrellas and scarves.


A successful mobile technology company needed to announce an immediate name change in the most competitive handheld marketplace. KK Promotions assisted with a tradeshow giveaway to announce the name change, supplying branded mints, pens, notebooks, and unique desk items.

Food & Wine

A winery with multiple brands and labels needed to typify a brand image. KK Promotions created a custom Nat Nast shirt, which incorporated the company's elegance with current trends and an upscale item while matching their brand image. KK Promotions also helped with the product launch and distributor promotions.

Finance & Banking

KK Promotions has extensive experience in this industry, from road shows and management team gifts to golf and ski events, conferences, and trade show giveaways. KK Promotions has also provided speaker gifts that are specific to the industry—for example, a portable cell phone booster for an energy-focused conference—along with major corporate sponsorship gifts and attendee giveaways.


For universities and colleges, KK Promotions has supplied alumni gifts, donor gifts for a new building, and athletic and engineering awards.


For the No. 1 technology magazine, KK Promotions has designed coveted awards, tradeshow giveaways, and sales and marketing premiums. The company also supplied gifts to mark the relaunching of the company's website.


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