What Happened in Vegas...

So, we spent most of last week in Las Vegas at the PPAI Expo and I have to say, I was on total schwag overload! Yes, there were tons of items that we at KK Promotions wouldn't put our pretty little hands on, but many of the products had us doing our happy dance. Below are the things that we just can't live without in 2010. Enjoy!

Reduce the coffee cup waste with a ceramic "I Am Not A Paper Cup".

Brighten their day with these fabulous Light Up Journals.

These Slap-On watches and MP3 player bands are to die for! You literally slap them around your wrist or arm and they stay snug and look hip all day long.

Travel from the market to the boutique and beyond with these chic large woven totes.

Everyone has an aluminum bottle these days, but check out these new matte color bottles. Love. The. Colors.

Perfect for camping, tailgating or a cook-out, these Coleman stackable coolers not only look cute, they keep all of your supplies separated.

We fell in love with these Natural Kraft Sacks. They're made from craft paper that can be branded on one side while you or your kids use the other side as an art project. Markers not included!

Now you can have the most unique shirt out there. These guys combine multiple techniques on one garment to make a truly bad-a** product!