Remember when the IT bag or the IT Watch were all the accessories we needed? No longer. Now it’s iPods secured to our clothing with nifty clips that are the true symbols of cool. And at KK Promotions we have all the latest in high-tech gadgets, outstanding ideas for wearing music, data and more, with your name out there right in front for all to see.

The Apple iPod has become one of the most recognizable gizmos in the world. How about the Nano, or an MP3 player, the Shuffle with its inconceivably tiny design custom imprinted with your corporate logo? It weighs in as light as a car key, making it much comfier to work out with. With its sleek aluminum design, it makes a great fashion statement.

And don’t forget that Apple’s hot new iPhone will be available in June. Get your orders in now!

Branding at your desk, we suggest custom USB-Widgets. In comparison to traditional USB Drives, USB-Widgets contain real-time, live content from the web. From your site or any website.

Just as exciting are USB jump drives, which store memory and now come in custom shapes like wine bottle, pens, bracelets, military tags and credit cards. Custom molded, they are a fun way to showcase your business.

That’s not all. We also suggest custom logo mice in vivid colors like lipstick red and grass green that will brighten the look of your client’s desktop, along with some fun USB hubs like the compact 4-port hub that is great for business travel, provides multiple port connections and is both PC and MAC compatible. With a unique round design, the hub comes in great colors like fire engine red and steel blue.

Laptops are everywhere, from a corner table in Starbucks to the big guy’s chair in the boardroom. Why not brand your corporate logo on a well-designed laptop carrying case made of high-quality, durable fabrics like ballistic nylon? It will go everywhere and so will your corporate image.

Branding anywhere, we offer up a Portable Mini Photo Album. With an adorable round design, it makes carrying, displaying and sharing your digital photos a breeze.

And don’t forget those vital stored value promotions. We have the latest in branded gift cards that gives the card holder access to a certain value of goods and services. The card holder accesses goods and services by visiting a website online and entering the PIN number found on the back of the card. This is a powerful promotional tool because it allows you to reach your client in more than just one way. The card carries your name/logo, yes, but the branded web pages the client will view before redeeming his or her value card also provide you with opportunities to interact with your audience and to gauge real-time responses on surveys, questionnaires etc.

At KK Promotions we offer these cards for music, for movies - in the form of fandango movie tickets redeemable online; for free tunes, and for ring tones. We’ll give the first five clients to respond a free ring tone!

Let us know what you think. Then let us know what you want. We’ll get it for you.

From everyone at KK Promotions