Time to Drink!
KK Promos Holiday Drink Recipe
"I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis," Humphrey Bogart once said.

We can't agree. Particularly now, around the holidays, when it's good to know that economic crisis or not, we can still celebrate the season with you and that famous, all-American libation, the dry (gin or vodka) Martini. We at KK Promotions would like to fete another great year of working with you, our most valued clients, to successfully promote your superior businesses and brands. And as we lift our conical cocktail glasses in a toast to your health and a happy, prosperous new year, we offer up several essential bar tools your customers will need and love to serve a Martini in style this season - items bearing your logo that will put your name where it should be: front and center.

To make the perfect Martini, you need the perfect martini shaker and the perfect martini shaker is made of stainless steel. Consider our stylish stainless three-part shaker with a polished mirror finish. With a built-in strainer and 1-oz. jigger cup, the shaker can be imprinted or laser-etched with your name and comes in a gift box. (Remember, the secret is all in the wrist. A great straight up cocktail should be shaken at least 25 times. All that shaking breaks up the ice creating ice shavings that keep your drink chilly.)

Pair the shaker with a set of four supple but durable Florentine Napa leather coasters in fun colors like ocean, violet and azalea.

For the oenophiles among your customers, think stemless red wine glasses imprinted with your brand name. A modern touch on a beloved classic, they are sturdier, can be stacked in your cupboard and are easier to run through the dish washer. (Hooray for that!) For uncorking their favorite Châteauneuf-du-Pape, your clients will appreciate the only tool anyone needs to open wine: the five-function bottle opener from i.mark which is foil cutter, cork screw, magnifying glass, bottle opener and knife all rolled up into one.

Back to Martinis. Some of the best locally can be found at that most swanky of supper clubs, Bix, which sits downtown on the edge of the city's financial district. This holiday season Bix will whip you up the Classic Martini (ask for Bradley). We also like the KK Cocktail inspired by Lance Winter of Hangar One. The recipe uses what we think is the world's best vodka. The boys at Hangar One use no additives, only the best, ripest and freshest fruits to infuse their vodkas.

The KK Cocktail goes like this:
1 ½ oz of Hangar One Kaffir Lime Vodka
½ fresh lime
½ oz of simple syrup
Splash of Cranberry And a Shake, Shake, Shake.

If you don't drink alcohol, take out the vodka and just do the shake. Cheers! www.kkpromos.com