In his book, The Art Of Looking Sideways, Alan Fletcher tells this story: A lady, sitting next to Raymond Loewy at dinner, struck up a conversation.
"Why," she asked, "did you put two Xs in Exxon?"
"Why ask?" he asked.
"Because," she said, "I couldn't help noticing."
"Well," he responded, "that's the answer."
While you may not be, like Loewy, industrial designers responsible for iconic contributions like the Shell logo, the Greyhound bus or the Lucky Strike package, the idea is the same: no matter how great your product is, if nobody knows about it – or you – it won't fly. A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You have to work hard to build it. And it can make an enormous and valuable difference in getting and keeping customer loyalty. That is why branding is integral to your business – and to ours. KK Promos can help you make your business noticed, talked about, memorable. And isn't that the point?

Here are a few fresh, new items we suggest towards that end:
A cute little USB plug-in neon desk sign with your custom logo in up to three colors will illuminate your business and what it stands for.

A dye-sublimated bike arm sleeve will have your giftees literally wearing your company on their sleeves. Made of high-performance nylon and spandex, the sleeve allows for sun protection, moisture management, compression and warmth. And one size fits most.

Poppenex has a hologram lip balm: watch the visual effects of your logo as you rotate or slide the tube. And with Renzo's chic and colorful oven mitt, your company name will move from counter to oven to fridge and back with everyone to see it.

A digital camera means instant gratification and we like that, but too often we're having to rifle through our bags to find it. The Scoop Camera Case, designed to carry and protect slimline cameras, attaches to your belt while also announcing your name.

A custom fleece jacket is a great gift. And one embedded with your graphics is even better. Just think, all winter long, your name will pop up on the jogging trail, in the gym, outside of Starbucks.

Cool new leather business card holders will say your name out loud, and for a fun and innovative way to announce your company, try a one-of-a-kind Vermont slate cheese server. Along with Havarti and Gruyere, write your own logo on the server. Then just wipe off with a damp sponge.

And then there are those stylish, laptop security bags that will keep your computer safe in style. Made of durable 600d poly, they have a padded rear security Fast Pass compartment that protects up to a 15.4-inch laptop while also allowing it to remain inside the bag during airport screenings! With laptop bags fast outstripping pocket dogs as the trendiest accessory, these bags will be sure to get people talking about you. And that's the whole point, isn't it?