Discover the Elegance
and Experience
of KK Promotions
on the Web

KK Promotions, the premier creator of promotional materials for high-end incentive and gift with purchase programs, is proud to announce the debut of its new website. After nearly 20 years in the promotions business, we decided to turn the tables and focus on our own promotion with a much-anticipated leap to the Web.

Our elegant new online calling card showcases our experience, creativity, and quality. We bring our fresh enthusiasm to the Web with a site that tells you all about us, including...

  • An explanation of our services—from corporate merchandise to fully branded events
  • A rundown of our clients
  • A brief overview of our company, including bios of our talented team
  • Our team's favorite products

Feel free to spread the word—and the URL! Visit us online and let us know what you think.

Tendo Communications designed and wrote the site content. Tendo specializes in developing and implementing content-rich customer communication programs for print and Web, with a focus on building brand awareness, developing strong customer relationships, and delivering value and ROI.

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