Woman-Owned Business Creates Memorable High-End Branded Merchandise at the Super Bowl for Corporate Sponsors, Volunteers and More

KK Promotions, a preferred vendor for Super Bowl promotions, needed to deliver branded solutions for every tier of sponsor, contributor and volunteer at the Super Bowl.

The Opportunity

The big game needed unique and memorable giveaways for its branding committee, corporate sponsors, contributors and volunteers.

The Challenge

KK Promotions underwent a stringent selection process to be considered a preferred woman-owned business vendor for the Super Bowl, which means their ability to deliver branded merchandise was already qualified. KK needed to go beyond and source the ideal mix of tiered, custom and memorable giveaways across varying audiences.

The Solution

Using a high dose of creativity and consultation, KK Promotions identified the memorable gifts for each tier that were selected to proudly showcase the Super Bowl branding. From corporate sponsors receiving premium branded jackets, gloves and hats, to pens, chocolates and thumb drives given to individual contributors and the branding committee, KK Promotions delivered over 30,000 uniquely crafted branded products for the Super Bowl—on time and fully customized.

The Result

The branding committee was floored by the creative solutions, custom branded merchandise, and consultative approach KK Promotions applied towards defining the message and identity of the products.

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