San Francisco Guests Feel the Love with Branded Merchandise for Concerts, Festivals and More

The Golden City’s tourism board wanted to invigorate its Summer of Love promotion. KK Promotions came in with unique yet practical solutions that effectively kept this promotion front of mind and won the coveted U.S. Travel’s Destinations Council 2017 Destiny Award.

The Challenge

The city needed original, high-quality solutions that would satisfy both natives and tourists alike while maintaining a Summer of Love theme.

The Solution

KK Promotions used a consultative approach and brought creative flair to the Travel Association with on-brand tote bags and journals that included the dates of prominent events happening throughout the summer. Taking Mark Twain’s “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” to heart, KK Promotions also suggested high-quality blankets to stay warm while experiencing outdoor music and festivals.

The Result

KK Promotion’s above and beyond approach satisfied both clients and tourists alike, reaching thousands of customers that year with premium branded items. This branding and integrated marketing campaign won the U.S. Travel’s Destinations Council 2017 Destiny Award.

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Summer of Love